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Hey guys ! So I have been on holidays and I haven’t had wifi connection till now ! I’m heading home today so tomorrow I will try to update the style guides! And I’m sorry for taking so long to answer your questions but as I said, I didn’t have wifi.. ;) xx

August 29, 2014 • reblog →
Anonymous: What should I wear on the first day of school with black platforms? (Inspired by both of them please :))

Here are some options :)
- Dark denim high waisted jeans, a black crop top and a cream cardigan
- Black skinny jeans, black top and a maroon scarf
- Black skater skirt and a light blue crop top

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Anonymous: My style is like a cross between eleanor and perrie haha. I love perrie 's boho style sometimes and I love eleanor's classic and just simple style :)

Okay so I think you should wear something like a white top, black skinny jeans and low tops, just something really comfy in case you need gym clothes after all ! Sorry for taking so long but I have been on holidays and I didn’t have wifi till now , so hope this is still on time ! :) xx

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Anonymous: Hey i love your blog and i was wondering if u could do a Perrie inspired 1st day of school outfit from forever 21 thanks

Hi ! Thank you glad you like it ! I already did a outfit like that for perrie, it’s in her inspired tag ;) xx

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Anonymous: Since its the first day of gym I feel like I wont have to wear gym clothes but idk and I just need help of what I should wear :( Also I have lunch after gym so I could change but idk if I want to wear gym stuff. PLEASE help! X

okay, I see your problem here! Just describe your style to me please :) 

August 24, 2014 • reblog →
Anonymous: Oh btw I'm that anon that needed help :). Sorry for taking so long! anyways, so on the first day of school aka tomorrow (fml) I have french first period, then right after i have gym so I'm not sure what I need to wear. +

I’ll answer next message ehehe

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Anonymous: Wait... Who's Sophia? I've been away from the fandom for awhile. I don't want to start anything, like I mean this in the most genuine way cause like I really don't know. Haha

Hmmm, Sophia is Liam’s new girlfriend. They are dating for more than a year now (I think they started dating on March of 2013). She is also good friends with Eleanor, there have been a lot of pictures of them together lately! She seems really sweet and cute. So yeah, that’s Sophia Smith :) x

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Anonymous: I'm in need of some advice/ help for school, please help? X

Sure!! :) x

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whatrhymeswithwords: yes please. this is the blog! thank you so much :) xx

Guys, check her out!! :) xxx

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"Doggy road triiiip! 🐶 🚘 @alanajburton @sophiaxsmith"

"Doggy road triiiip! 🐶 🚘 @alanajburton @sophiaxsmith"

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